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You care about your customers and doing what’s best for them. That passion shines through in every conversation you have, and it’s why people do business with you.

To simplify, amplify and bring that energy to the forefront you need a true partner. We uncover current, relevant, and actionable needs, attitudes, and motivations by placing people at the heart of the process to deliver results. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses realize their goals, drive their companies forward and create insanely engaged customers.

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Being one of the top creative branding agencies located at the heart of Detroit, EGO is your one-stop solution to a comprehensive brand strategy and marketing goals.

We empower our clients to leverage the potential online branding opportunities via cleverly articulated brand stories, messaging, and user experience-driven brand design.

  • Brand research
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand design
  • Brand marketing
  • Brand managment

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A peerless digital strategy comes with a strong foundation and a well sought out plan. At EGO, nothing but solid groundwork drives our digital strategy thinking. Key pointers to our digital strategy involve:

  • Project scoping & planning
  • User experience strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing

Our digital strategy initiatives feature not just the perfect website, mobile application, or banner ad; it also addresses the technology-enabled transformation of the existing process, user experiences, and systems. Our digital strategy experts team actively engages in logical reasoning, user behavior, and user experiences to map people’s intent to what’s technologically feasible.

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eCommerce Web Design & Development

In these times, if you have a brick-and-mortar shop, then you can’t afford not to be selling online. In most cases, it’s easier than you think. We understand what it takes to sell online, and we commit to delivering an outstanding return on investment (ROI); every time.

Setting up an online marketplace could be an entrepreneur’s dream. Most savvy business people overlook the importance of getting the fundamentals right when developing eCommerce websites. It’s not just the intuitive design that should convince you to put pen on paper; scalability, security, and optimized coding and functionalities are equally important. Any eCommerce website built by considering technology-led transformation and integration in mind be your prime source of income that requires little or no maintenance.

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In today’s competitive online space, getting high-quality leads is not easy. As a business, if you are struggling to get targeted leads, it could be because of the following reasons:

  • You don’t have a website
  • Your business just launched
  • Your website is not optimized for search
  • Your website is not optimized for conversion
  • You lack a targeted digital strategy

Most savvy business people resort to lead generation agencies to get assistance to boost their ROI. They often overlook the need to investing time and effort to understand lead generation processes adopted by such companies and how they differentiate a good lead from a bad one.

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Even though the digital revolution has changed how advertising works, print still plays an integral part in your marketing campaign. EGO offers high-quality and timely custom printing services to Detroit clients at reasonable prices from a favorable Birmingham location.

With over years of expertise in catering innovative print portfolios and designs to our clients, we ensure that your brand stands out from your competitors. It’s not just the competitor analysis, but our graphic designers are experts in knowing your product or service in detail before putting the brush on the canvas. We invest the time and effort to get to know your brand style guide in person and ensure that we create something exceptional within the standards.

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The information available online significantly influences the buying decisions of today’s digital consumers. A good reputation is the asset of any business. The internet has changed how people perceive brands and make crucial decisions, which could mean either a sales surge or a dry period for your business.

Managing reputation online is not easy as it sounds, especially when you are a large business serving across the globe or catering both products and services. Ignoring these online allegations can open up doors of long-lasting problems for your business. Managing a reputation crisis requires expertise and in-depth planning. EGO provides a wide range of services to manage your reputation online effectively.

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Search Engine Optimization is a powerful strategy that can bring long-term results for your business. Digital consumers are after quick and satisfying results, and there are not likely to go beyond the first page searching for information. If you overlook the values that SEO can bring to your business, you are shutting the door to multitudes of opportunities. A well-optimized website not only ranks well on search engines to bring potential customers but can positively influence your business branding and identity.

At EGO, we breathe and live SEO. With years of experience handling local, international, and enterprise clients, we can help you outwit your competitors with unique and well sought-out organic SEO campaigns.

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Revolutions to digital advertising in recent years have opened up a huge potential to businesses. Social media and paid advertising have made it possible for businesses to target potential customers irrespective of the time of the day or their geolocation. An extraordinary amount of digital consumers browse both Google and other social media sites.

Social media is the most powerful digital awareness platform that any business can leverage. However, it is challenging for businesses to stand out with their social media advertising campaigns, considering the fierce competition.

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In a technologically driven world, business success relies heavily on secure, scalable & functional software systems. The digital space is experiencing fierce competition, and it has become imperative for businesses to mark their presence either via a website or mobile application, or both.

With over a decade of experience in development, deployment, integration, and updating custom software applications for mid to medium-sized enterprises, EGO is your one-stop solution to robust & hybrid website or mobile applications.

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Video has become an integral and exciting part of every social media channel. Videos are easily digestible by customers and also take away the visual strain of skimming through textual information online.

Video marketing has infinite power and is ever-evolving. The characteristics of videos, including providing a real-life picture and the easiness to share across multiple platforms, make videos an integral part of any futuristic digital marketing campaign.

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A lifeless website or a hardly engaging website that brings in thin or low-quality traffic is a nightmare for any aspiring business striving to thrive on the online platform.

At EGO, we encompass a team of web technology specialists who are experts in bringing your dream of a high-performing and converting website to life.

Our team understands your concerns, and our clients treat us as an extension of their team. Our pursuit for excellence and sheer commitment qualifies us to be the ideal team capable of fuelling your ideas most impeccably to help you reap the benefits in terms of ROI.

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Web Hosting

Irrespective of whether you are launching or upgrading your business website, choosing the right web hosting service is a crucial decision that can decide your business website’s future on search engines.

Choosing a cheap or low-quality web hosting service can cause frequent downtimes for your websites. When you overlook these aspects, you are risking the following metrics crucial for your business success.

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Designing state-of-the-art websites that can capture your potential customer’s attention is challenging. You certainly need a professional web design agency capable of thinking outside the box to develop something that can outwit your competitors and beyond.

Web design is fundamental that creates the first impression of your brand. A custom design that also encompasses the user experience can do wonders when it comes to standing out from your competitors.

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Dots - EGO Creative Marketing


"Whenever I’m onboarding new members of the club, I’m told that the site is super intuitive. Members don’t necessarily need tutorials on the site because it just makes sense to them. The end website is great, easy to follow, and in-line with what other clubs have."

Michelle Emerson

Birmingham Country Club

"My company has been working with EGO Creative Media for a few years now...We have very impressed with their full-service capabilities and continue to be a client as they've shown their ROI."

Paul Wilde

MiStar Communications

"I cannot recommend EGO highly enough!!!...They accommodated all my requests and met with me many times over Zoom to make sure I was happy with the product. Highly highly recommend!!"

Megan Parpart

Personal Client Project

"I had the biggest compliment from a good client today. She said she could tell the “tone” of the salon had changed by all the emails we had sent her. I asked what she felt was different and she said it felt ‘Sweeter, kinder and welcoming’...I knew your hand in this was EVERYTHING! Thank you!"

Sharon Dorram

Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger

"Wouldn't go with any other company! Professional, timely, and gets it done!"

Morgan Lynch

Ducati Detroit

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