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Automotive Dealership Websites

Make your website design a success with eCommerce and web design experts at EGO Creative Marketing.

Haven’t you always wanted a website that converts? A website that brings visitors to your business and turns those visitors into leads? A website that directly correlates to more sales in your automotive or motorcycle dealership.

Do you know what the most searched term on Google is when people are looking for automotive or motorcycle dealerships? “dealerships near me”. EGO can make sure your business shows up at the top of the list in the local market.

The best car dealership websites

You need a professional who is able to polarize the competition by designing something out of the ordinary. Who will show you the way to break-through? EGO Creative Marketing is a Detroit-based web design agency that specializes in making your business shine on the Internet. We use our in-depth knowledge and insight of web marketing trends, as well as our passion for what we do, to create cutting-edge websites that are guaranteed to score highly with online viewers.

We employ an award-winning team of designers and developers who can significantly improve your online presence.

1. Responsive Web Design

We already know that most potential customers use their mobile phones to browse through different car dealership websites, so your website must be able to function correctly across all mediums, including smartphones, tablets, PC, or any other equivalent device.

If your website is not user-responsive, it is less likely to appear on Google’s search engine results. It’s because now more than 60% of automobile searches initiate from Google, and so the search engine favors the site that is more responsive.

2. Add All The Relevant Information

You have to ensure that your website features all of your dealership’s relevant and available information. When someone is browsing through your site, they should have access to your contact details, so they know how to get to you instantly.

Without relevant information, they might move to your competitor’s website. Your relevant information entails:

Contact Number

It is preferable to have your contact number at the bottom of your website, which makes it visible on every page. Consumers expect the contact number on every page because they don’t go back to a particular web page just to check your number.

Location and Address

You want to ensure that your potential customers can easily track your dealership. If they check out some cars that they like on your website and want to drop by and take one of them for a test drive, then that will be much easier if they know your exact location.

You should also display a map by syncing your location with Google maps.

Opening Hours

Another essential information to include on your dealership’s website is your opening hours.

You have to make it convenient for others to visit your dealership if need be. Your customers probably won’t bother asking for hours. They can just drop by. Therefore they should know your opening hours. Finding a close dealership might put them away.

Email Address Or A Contact Form

Suppose someone is on your site and needs to get in touch for some reason. It’s always a good idea to include a contact form or an email address listed somewhere on the website, usually along with other contact details.

Putting your contact number may be enough for some people, but others might want to contact you via email. With the assistance of EGO, you can strategically place relevant information.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If there is one thing essential to drive website traffic, it is SEO. Your site can be properly optimized with the help of all the relevant information, colors, font, and aesthetic appeal. You have to boost your dealership rankings in local search page results. You can even get yourself listed in local car dealership listings.

A positive SEO impact is the first step to getting more leads and subsequent conversions. For instance, if you are selling an Aston Martin, you have to include the name of the manufacturer in your search listings. People looking for an Aston Martin should see your dealership listing.

4. Landing Page Optimization

Many car dealerships have the correct landing pages, but they lack some significant aspects to getting website traffic. For instance, wrong meta tags and titles. For example, if a dealership is selling used Ford cars, the meta title cannot be Ford alone.

It should include ‘Used Fords’ and if you are selling in a particular vicinity. You should also mention the location such as ‘Used Fords in New York.’ You can further optimize your landing pages by appropriately dissecting them into different categories.

For instance, ‘used cars,’ ‘old cars,’ ‘vintage cars,’ and new cars. These categories should include their relevant CTA buttons, prominent enough to attract the customers’ attention.

5. Vehicle Inquiry Forms

It’s crucial to have online vehicle inquiry forms on your website. if someone likes a particular car, it should be easy for them to contact a specialized salesperson. However, customers can call up a service representative.

But it is always easier to fill out an inquiry form and get all the possible details of the car itself. An inquiry form can also be a preemptive approach, so customers can save time while visiting a showroom.

6. Add Plenty Of Images

When browsing cars online, consumers want to see pictures. They want to know the ins and outs of a vehicle from their mobile or laptop screen.

Therefore you can’t just upload a single image. You have to take pictures from every possible angle in high definition and then post them so consumers can make a better judgment.

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Responsiveness is a Key Feature

Today, 60% of car buyers access dealership websites from their mobile phones, similar to most eCommerce websites. That is why to impress your customers, you need to create a seamless mobile navigation experience for them.

When a potential customer visits a dealership website, they want to get the maximum information possible for whatever they are looking for. You need a simple and rather elegant website to facilitate potential customers so:

  • Customers can quickly scan through your website, which drives more traffic. Because customers looking for a car won`t have the time to go through the website in detail.
  • You can provide a better user experience, with a well-segmented and more comfortable-to-read home page. Customers expect an aesthetically pleasing theme along with formatted visual content.
  • Customers can look at the CTA buttons clearly, especially if it’s for a used car dealer website design that generates more leads and conversions.

A car dealership can’t afford to lose customers due to a slow website or cluttered content. Therefore it is essential to pursue a digital marketing strategy with the help of an agency to increase customer retention, website traffic, and, most importantly, conversions.

Going beyond selling cars & motorcycles

The process of developing a brilliant website design starts by understanding your business goals and target audience. Whether you are seeking to build a cutting-edge online presence or just want to update the design of your existing site, you will be pleased with our easy-to-use visual design tool.

Take a closer look at the automotive industry. You'll find it's filled with companies doing seemingly the same thing. They all have similar business websites, run social media marketing, and have other things in common. And one thing they don't have in common is EGO Creative Marketing, an award-winning team specializing in car and motorcycle dealership website design and digital strategy. We build websites that get results. We've done it for other companies, and we can do it for you. At EGO Creative Marketing, we think you deserve more from your website than just a place to post information about your company, products, and services. Our goal is to create a site that your audience finds helpful and interesting—and that ultimately helps your business grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dealer website?
A dealer website showcases the automative brand with access to vehicles new and used along with any apparel, OEM, or aftermarket parts. It is also a must to make it easy to set up appointments and services while making it easy to understand the expectations of both the dealership and the customer.

What makes a good dealership website?
Auto dealer websites should adhere to the principles of perfect pricing: transparency, accuracy, and clarity. Good online pricing is first and foremost, transparent. Transparent pricing for car dealerships means clearly presenting the MSRP, as well as any savings, incentives, and deals that might apply.

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