Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing?

Revolutions to digital advertising in recent years have opened up a huge potential for businesses. Social media and paid advertising have made it possible for businesses to target potential customers irrespective of the time of the day or their geolocation. An extraordinary amount of digital consumers browse both Google and other social media sites.

Social media marketing is the most powerful digital awareness platform that any business can leverage. However, it is challenging for businesses to stand out with their social media advertising campaigns, considering the fierce competition.

Why EGO for Social Media Marketing?

We stand on top when it comes to excellence in what we do. Our paid advertising and social media experts are always excited to make differences that can take your business higher. With years of digital advertising experience, we have a well-defined approach that focuses on transparency and results.

Our social media marketing strategy or paid advertising, as we know, keeps evolving consistently. Every minute counts; failing to comprehend or predict these changing trends can cost you hard-earned money. Our social ads specialist is vigilant and always on the front line when capturing and adapting to these changes.

At EGO Creative Marketing, we follow an iterative approach to social media or paid advertising where we perform continually test and optimize across all channels based on in-depth data analysis. Our in-house team of social media and paid advertising specialists watch your competitors closely and ensure that you are always one step ahead when it comes to changing market trends, campaign strategies, and execution.

We offer the following Social media marketing & paid ads services:

  • Google ads or pay per click ads
  • Google/bing shopping
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Programmatic display
  • YouTube ads
  • Third-party networks
  • Bing ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Linkedin ads

Why is social media marketing important?

Engaging on social media gives brands the opportunity to build trust with potential customers, partners, and talent/employees. This is especially true if other people are promoting your brand or products/services to other people. People are almost three times as likely to trust advice or recommendations from family and friends than official brand channels.

Social media marketing for small businesses can be difficult to manage with how much work is already on your plate. Whether you’re at a scaling startup and handle all of the social media marketing or a local business trying to manage social while also managing the books, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to prioritize social media marketing.

Social media is valuable for businesses of any size or industry, and finding customers on social media marketing has a direct impact on sales and your bottom line.

To summarize, social media marketing is important!

Why Hire a Social Media Expert?

A dedicated social media manager spends more time understanding your business, performing audience mapping, and creating a peerless content strategy. Professional social media consultants know social media channels like the back of their hands and are skillful in crafting effective ads and strategies to get you results. 

Hiring a social media marketing expert can guarantee the following:

  • Determine the best social media platform for your business
  • Creating engaging ads and unique content
  • Customer journey planning and lead nurturing.
  • Custom messaging via A/B or split testing.
  • Complete control over advertising budget
  • Regular updates & reporting
  • Professional advice to maximize every dollar spent
  • Ad optimization for geolocation
  • Reaching the potential customers at the right time.

When it comes to social media marketing services in Detroit, EGO Creative Marketing is second to none. No matter whether you own a B2B, B2C, service, e-commerce, or brick-and-mortar store business, we can help you put together a peerless PPC or social media advertising strategy. Contact us today to skillfully map your digital road to success.

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Quick Facts


active people are on social media.


of social browsers use social media to research products.

2:38 hrs

is the average time millennials are logged on to social media per day.


of consumers expect brands to respond within a day of reaching out over social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your go-to strategies for social media marketing?
At EGO, we work with each client to figure out their mission and goals of their business and how it can translate to social media. Once we gather information, we will help the client set goals for social media and create a social media plan that helps reach their clients' overall business goals. Each social media plan will be different based on the client's needs and wants.

Do I have the option to meet your social media specialist team in person?
Yes, we can give our clients the opportunity to meet a social media specialist in person depending on each party's availability. We will encourage the client and the social media specialist to abide by COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. If an in-person session is not possible, we can arrange a zoom call or meet over the phone.

Would you create social media accounts for my business?
Yes, our team will create social media accounts for your business. Our social media specialist will work with you and your team to create a social media strategy that translates to your social media accounts.

Do you create the materials that you post?
Yes, our team has the ability to create content for your social media accounts. We use a variety of programs to create graphics and videos that can be used on social media.

If I hire a social media manager, can I still make posts on my business page?
Yes, if you hire a social media manager we encourage business owners to stay active on their page. We suggest you work with your social media manager to develop a plan on who posts what content or how you want to tackle comments, messages, etc.

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"EGO Creative is everything I’d hoped for and more. I was really impressed with their lightning-quick understanding of our company brand and ability to produce original, clever and meaningful posts every week. They are brilliant at transforming our ideas into great social media marketing. We are now reaching a bigger audience with a more positive, engaging message. In a snapshot, paul is a marketing genius. The software they produced specifically for the government space worked flawlessly. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by hiring EGO Creative."

Daniel Mage

US Department of Defense

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