Reputation Management

What is online reputation management?

The information available online significantly influences the buying decisions of today’s digital consumers. A good reputation is an asset of any business. The internet has changed how people perceive brands and make crucial decisions, which could mean either a sales surge or a dry period for your business.

Reputation management online is not easy as it sounds, especially when you are a large business serving across the globe or catering to both products and services. Ignoring these online allegations can open up doors to long-lasting problems for your business. Managing a reputation crisis requires expertise and in-depth planning. EGO Creative Marketing provides a wide range of services for reputation management online effectively.

As a business, you can be targeted with harmful, misleading, and unfair acquisitions. Even though taking negative content off the internet would be the immediate priority, it might not always be feasible; this is where you can utilize EGO’s Online Reputation Management services.

EGO will help you handle negative social media mentions, reviews, and comments via in-depth reputation audits and much-needed corrections. We have a unique and well sought out way of dealing with negative reviews.

Brand mention audit

When it comes to doing business with EGO Creative Marketing, we start with a strong foundation built on your business knowledge. Our online reputation management specialists strive to learn about your business like the back of their hands as you do. The next step is a comprehensive reputation audit that involves sweeping through the internet for brand mentions and reviews. We classify these mentions and reviews based on positive or negative sentiment to create an action list.

Remove negative reviews

Part of our reputation management is removing negative reviews. The approach to removing negative reviews kicks off with identifying the core concern and attempts to reach out to the corresponding reviewer. If this is impractical, our technical experts’ team carries out the necessary procedures to remove the negative content and clean up your online profile.

Suppress negative reviews

Removing negative reviews might not always be possible; this is where our team of reputation management experts can work toward suppressing negative reviews. Did you know that 75% of search traffic doesn’t go beyond Google’s first page? This is exactly what we capitalize on when it comes to suppressing negative mentions.

Create or promote positive content

Our in-house PR team has the expertise to strategically promote positive content via social media and prominent online platforms that often boast the lion’s share on search engines’ first page.

Online reputation management is not all about damage control. Here at EGO, it starts well before that first negative mention about your business surfaces online. We know that there is no overnight solution to negative mentions. We kick off the brand mention audit for our clients even when there seems to be nothing negative on the search. This strategy allows us to capture your potential customers’ sentiments way before things could go out of control. Bring in EGO as part of your marketing team today to script a successful digital roadmap for your business.

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Quick Facts


of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


of Americans will leave a poor review over a good review.


of consumers say that negative reviews made them not want to use a business.


of one and two star reviews fail to convert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remove negative content?
Yes, we can delete or remove negative content from a number of websites. When we can accomplish this, it means that the negative content will be removed completely and will no longer appear on the website, or in search engines.

How long does content removal take?
Usually, this process takes 2-4 weeks and is backed up by our service guarantee.

What are some benefits of reputation management?
PR, or Public Relations, is a way to promote your company to the public in a positive light. Quite often negative content has a higher impact when there is no other side to the story. By promoting your company to major publications, and getting the word out to local and online media sources, you can change the way your company is viewed.

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