About Us

EGO opened up shop in Birmingham, MI in 2014 after over 20 years in the design and development of websites and web applications to serve a growing need: websites that work for you and protect what’s most important; your brand.

Central to our process is the belief that websites should tell your story with an impetus on being gorgeous, simplistic, user-friendly, and easy to manage and update. We specialize in the development of the WordPress content management system and do all of our development in-house. We do not use canned themes for our clients — our process is defined by developing a custom website and a custom solution to getting you noticed on the web and eyeballs on your website.

Empowerment is a key tenet of our process. We do not believe in locking clients into long term contracts and playing the gatekeeper to your web properties — we make managing your website both quick and easy.

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