Amazon SEO: How to Optimize Your Product Listings

How does Amazon SEO work?

How does Amazon SEO work? Here’s a step-by-step guide with tips and examples for optimizing your product listings to connect with more customers.

Improve product visibility by optimizing listings to show up in searches on We’ll cover essentials including:

  • Why Amazon SEO matters
  • How Amazon SEO works
  • Optimize your Amazon listings in 7 steps
  • 5 general Amazon SEO best practices

What is Amazon SEO and why does it matter?

Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing product listings to help them rank higher in product searches on A few simple steps can improve listings for product search, boost sales, and help shoppers find your brand.

As an Amazon seller, you can use SEO tactics to:

  • Drive more traffic to product listings
  • Increase product and brand visibility
  • Boost conversion rates and sales growth

Learn the lingo: conversion rate
A conversion is the result of a buyer taking action. The conversion rate is the percentage of potential buyers that complete a purchase out of the total number of visitors.

As more visitors buy products, conversion rate grows. Use conversion rate as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for measuring the impact of your SEO efforts.


How Amazon SEO works

Amazon search box

Shoppers can search for items by typing a term or phrase into the search box located at the top of the homepage. Online shoppers can use the Amazon search box to find products quickly with a drop-down menu of departments. Shoppers also have the option to type in general keywords. Amazon retrieves relevant results for the word or phrase, and the customer may refine the search to narrow down their search results.

Search results page

Factors that can help determine search results include:

  • Product titles
  • Product descriptions
  • Optimized images
  • Product features
  • Competitive pricing

You can use SEO to improve each of these elements to boost your ranking in Amazon search results. Explore the rest of this article for details.

Search filters

While searching for products, customers can use various filters to list search results in a specific order, including:

  • Department
  • Best Sellers (the most popular products based on sales)
  • New arrivals or new releases
  • Featured items
  • Customer reviews
  • Movers and Shakers (biggest gainers in sales rank over 24 hours)
  • High or low price
  • Digital content and devices
  • Programs and features (such as Subscribe & Save, Small & Medium Businesses, and more)

Amazon sales rank

Amazon gives all sellers a rating based on seller performance measurements including account health, reviews, product price, and other factors. Generally, the higher you rank, the more selling potential you’ll have. Learn more about how sales rank works.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are cost-per-click (CPC) ads sellers can use to promote individual product listings in Amazon stores and are available to sellers with a Professional seller account enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. Ads appear within shopping results pages and on product detail pages.

Amazon will automatically generate and match ads to shopping queries. Sponsored Products can help you reach high-intent shoppers who are actively looking for products similar to the ones you’ve listed.

Did you know?
The Listing Quality Dashboard is a tool in Seller Central that highlights select product information. The dashboard shows product listings that need improvement and provides recommendations on which product attributes you should provide.


What is Amazon SEO?

When a buyer searches on Amazon, you want your listings to be highly visible in those results. Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) is a way of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to product listings through organic search results.

By working to improve SEO, you can connect with more customers, drive more traffic to product listings, boost product visibility, gain higher conversion rates, move up in search rankings, and grow sales.

How do you increase your Amazon ranking?

There are various ways to increase your Amazon ranking. By maintaining Amazon standards, you are in a better position to connect with potential buyers. Generally, the higher you rank, the more selling potential you’ll have.

Additional ways to increase rankings include:

Explore the rest of this article for further information on how to improve your ranking on Amazon.

What is the Amazon SERP?

SERP stands for “search engine results page.” The Amazon SERP shows results to shoppers after they complete a product search on To help boost product rankings on the SERP, optimize your Amazon product listings. Check out the rest of this article for ways to improve product rankings with search engine optimization (SEO).

What are some Amazon SEO tools?

Amazon offers many tools to help sellers build and grow their businesses on Here’s a shortlist of tools to help with SEO:

  • A+ Content (formerly Enhanced Brand Content) enables you to describe product features in new ways by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements which can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.
  • The Listing Quality Dashboard is a tool on Seller Central that highlights important product information for customers, shows you product listings that need improvement, and provides recommendations on which product attributes you should provide.
  • The Manage Your Experiments tool allows you to experiment with your product images, titles, and A+ Content to figure out which content performs better. Run experiments like A/B testing to see what content drives more sales.
  • Tools to add high-quality images to listingsWatch: How to optimize photos with the Amazon Seller app
  • Amazon-approved third-party apps and services through the Seller Central Partner Network to help with tracking performance, reporting tools, customer metrics, and more.
  • Seller University offers educational resources and tools to learn and grow as an Amazon selling partner.
  • Turn to Amazon Selling Coach to help increase your selling success.

Explore the rest of this article for more tips and tools to improve your Amazon listings with SEO.

What is Amazon’s Featured Offer? And how does it work?

The Amazon Featured Offer (formerly Buy Box) is an offer for new products displayed on a product detail page with an Add to Cart button.

Your offers are eligible for the Featured Offer if you have a Professional seller account. Check your current account type and upgrade to Professional if you don’t have one already. To learn more, see Becoming the Featured Offer.

If several sellers offer the same product in New condition, they may competitively qualify for the Featured Offer and the Other Sellers on Amazon box for that product.


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