Case Studies

How Our Company Grows Sales with unique brand experiences

When done right, marketing offers a lot of benefits to businesses. It helps our clients improve their customer experience, brand interaction, website traffic, and ultimately, sales.

The idea behind marketing is simple – send the right message to your leads at the right time. But how do you know what messages or offers are “right” for your target audience? That’s where we come in.

Client Case Studies

EGO Creative Marketing is a growing digital agency based in Metro Detroit. We’ve been using our own marketing platform to generate leads and increase sales for our clients since 2014. We have a team of content writers and digital marketing experts who craft our ideas for us. We use data-driven insight to build unique brand experiences that your customers won’t forget!

Let’s take a deeper look at how each of these solutions worked for our clients and how we get them to convert at an 80%+ rate.

Birmingham Country Club Website Design - EGO Creative Marketing

Birmingham Country Club

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Simply Good Kitchen

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Delaire Country Club - Case Study - EGO Creative Media

Delaire Country Club

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Ducati Detroit Website Design - EGO Creative Marketing

Ducati Detroit

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Universal Cutting Tools Website Design - EGO Creative Marketing

Universal Cutting Tools

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PRM Custom Builders Website Design - EGO Creative Marketing

PRM Custom Builders

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