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Universal Cutting Tools, Inc. (UCT) has been serving the industrial and commercial tooling markets for over 40 years. Headquartered in Warren, Michigan. UCT possesses millions of products in its inventory that include Taps, Drills, End Mills, Reamers, Dies, Combined Drills and Countersinks, and Counterbores.


UCT hired a company to build out an eCommerce site. After 2 years, and the website never functioning, they reached out to EGO to help. UCT had nearly 10k unique SKUs with 5 levels of customer and discounts. They wanted a single solution that showed proper pricing with customer types.


By updating the look and feel of the website and equipping it with optimized content, EGO hoped to increase UCT’s search engine rankings. Both our team and the team at Universal Cutting Tool also felt that we could improve the user experience by offering more capabilities, such as previous order invoices and online applications. EGO custom developed a unique system that allows customers to create and manage their accounts online. We added a monthly special sales catalog and the ability to showcase their products without their sales team being too involved. We also allocated specific colors with "trade type" to give customers a sense of status when logged into the website. Their site currently gets over 500 unique visitors a month from organic traffic. Since launching they have sold over 40k items online.


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"We are a little behind on technology here but we know it's the future. We tried to hire a cheaper company to build us an eCommerce and it did not go well...When we were looking for another web designer, we were hopefully skeptical at best. Paul and his team blew us away with their research and understanding of our industry. They finished in under 90 days when the other guys couldn't in 2 years."

Frank Dillion

Manager, UCT


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