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A website consulting company for businesses of all sizes. Fix, improve, or get insights on your existing or new website without adding expensive overhead.

What is Website Consulting?

We think it’s simply doing what is required in the short term on your website, but also helps you see the future more clearly.

Website consulting means talking, diagnosing, planning, and sometimes even helping you fix stuff. Thanks to technology, it can be carried out in person or remotely. Most of ours are done remotely thanks to virtual meeting software and project management tools.

Our Website Consulting Services

A lifeless website or a hardly engaging website that brings in thin or low-quality traffic is a nightmare for any aspiring business striving to thrive on the online platform.

At EGO Creative Marketing, we encompass a team of web technology specialists who are experts in bringing your dream of a high-performing and converting website to life.

Our website consulting team understands your concerns, and our clients treat us as an extension of their team. Our pursuit of excellence and sheer commitment qualify us to be the ideal team capable of fuelling your ideas most impeccably to help you reap the benefits in terms of ROI.

We provide a wide range of comprehensive services that provide in-depth assistance from the get-go and beyond. Our web consulting services include:

How website development consulting can help you?

Strategizing an online platform to life takes time and expertise. It’s all about consistency and continual commitment while pursuing excellence throughout the journey. A web strategy consulting with an expert website consultant should help you answer the following questions:

  • Is my website design & user experience driving engagement?
  • Is it inspiring conversion?
  • Is my website bringing in quality traffic & leads?
  • Is it bringing ROI?
  • How do I implement internet marketing strategies that drive quality traffic to my website?

How our website consulting stands out

As your technology partner, we foster long-term partnerships, and our consultants and developers invest time and effort to learn about your business and the market. Most technology consultants offer the so-called comprehensive digital strategy or platform based on competitor analysis. Our website consulting will deliver a foolproof strategy that encompasses the brand story, identity, competitors, market trends & foresight. 

We don’t finish just by delivering a solid, secure, fast, hybrid, and scalable platform for your business; we take it a step further by looking for opportunities to integrate and automate operations to make business operations fast and effortless.

Our team will ensure ongoing support in recommendations, advice, new digital marketing initiatives, and more. Our goal is not just to build a great web or mobile application that features clean code and intuitive design but to make it work for your business.

Our website consulting team of web developers and designers follows the agile methodology, with a ScrumMaster® leader,  that features continuous iterations to ensure that the digital platform stays secure and up to date as per the latest technological developments. 


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Quick Facts


people say web design is the reason they mistrust a website.


shoppers say website usability is important for them.


information transmitted to the brain is visual.


small business websites don’t have a call to action.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a business plan/marketing plan in a week or less. Can you help me?
Maybe, depending on how much analytics and data you currently have, we can build a business plan/marketing plan for you. If there is no data available, we usually require at least 30 days but prefer 90 days of information before building a business plan/marketing plan.

Do you assist in planning and marketing products?
Yes, unlike most agencies we will assist you with the product concept, design, production, and fulfillment. We will then market once you feel comfortable with your workflow and feel that you can handle the increase the marketing efforts will bring.

What happens if I disagree with the consultant’s findings?
That is no problem at all! This is your business. Our findings are all based on gathering data such as customer insight, competition, and KPIs (key performance indicators). As long as there is reasoning backed by data we are good.

How do you guarantee your services?
Our services are guaranteed by setting KPIs (key performance indicators) and using analytics to show you where you started from, where you currently are, and where you're going. Our goal is to show you an ROI (return on investment) and every dollar spent, is more earned.

How do I know I am getting the right specialist?
At EGO, we base all of our decisions on data. We use sales funnel tracking analytics and build from the inside out. In our minds, there is no reason to spend marketing money if the company has issues with its current workflow. We live by this because we are partners, and if marketing dollars get spent we want to guarantee that the customer will be happy, be back, and hopefully tell a few people about their experience.

They're talking about us

"Prior to signing on with EGO, I worked with Paul on developing a plan for the short-term and long-term goals of our business and areas in which we were struggling. Instead of trying to morph our business to fit with EGO, Paul worked with us to create a customized solution to fit within our budget and communicated a clear plan and steps to reach in order to add additional services down the road. It was refreshing to work with someone who did not want to sell us on unnecessary services. EGO was able to provide past experiences in the hospitality sector to provide real-life examples and data to prove the solutions."

Jordan Emerson

Manager, Inn at 97 Winder

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