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Real estate marketing

Real Estate Marketing is all about promoting your unique value proposition to the world in order to build a brand, attract clients, and close real estate transactions. While marketing is an essential component of nearly every business, real estate businesses are no exception.

Real estate marketing should be used by everyone in the industry, as long as you have something to offer. If you’re an agent, broker, landlord, real estate investor, or anyone else in the real estate business, then using marketing to grow your business is critical.

Marketing strategies for real estate

To be successful in real estate is to generate leads. Generating leads means initiating consumer interest in your business’s products or services in order to convert them into customers.

This interest often comes in the form of an “opt-in” to your offers, such as someone sending you their email address and contact information to receive more information about your offer.

Your marketing offer could be a property for sale, apartment for rent, real estate agent services, leasing services, or property management, for example.

In other words, marketing is meant to gain the interest of customers in your business’s products and services.

Strategies for real estate marketing

Real estate is a field that’s equal parts challenging and potentially lucrative. A 2020 study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 88% of buyers recently purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker.

That same study also found that 73% of buyers interviewed only one real estate agent during their home search — a figure that highlights the importance of building awareness and getting in front of buyers as quickly as possible. That’s why having a solid grasp of marketing is an absolute must for anyone in the field.

Real estate marketing strategies
  1. Create a website
  2. Build a blog
  3. Develop email marketing campaigns
  4. Employ virtual staging
  5. Try experiential marketing
  6. Partner with local businesses
  7. Run paid Instagram promotion
  8. Use drone photography
  9. Create a Zillow profile
  10. Ask for referrals
  11. Make your own videos
  12. Co-host a webinar
  13. Collect and display testimonials
  14. Leverage traditional advertising media
  15. Optimize your website for mobile
  16. Actively leverage social media profiles
  17. Maintain an email newsletter
  18. Create a standout business card
  19. Film video walkthroughs
  20. Invest in branded swag

Real estate marketing agency

Basically, a marketing agency like EGO Creative Marketing is a business, firm, or organization that is responsible for the research, analysis, strategy, branding, advertising, and promotion of services provided on behalf of a real estate company.

Many small real estate companies and entrepreneurs are able to handle their own marketing in the early stages of existence. As the business grows, or even if growth is non-existent, many real estate professionals will choose to outsource their marketing operations to a marketing agency.

EGO has helped everyone from real estate sales agents to small mom-and-pop real estate investment companies, to large commercial brokerages.

With real estate being a very old-school business, most people who have created substantial wealth with long careers in real estate aren’t adapting to the new methods of digital marketing that have transformed the industry since the internet boom.

While agencies can certainly help with marketing strategies such as print media, postcards, mailers, billboards, and other traditional forms of marketing – most marketing agencies these days are hired to help with social media marketing, website creation, and maintenance, pay per click (PPC) advertising, creating landing pages.

Online real estate marketing

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Marketing strategies in real estate

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Quick Facts


of buyers research online before buying


of realtors have their own personal website


of realtors use Facebook and 56% use LinkedIn for professional purposes


of realtors prefer text messaging over email

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a real estate marketer do?
Real estate marketing is the practice of promoting a real estate business, agent, or their properties for sale. A real estate marketer is a person or firm that helps real estate enterprises develop their brand, create new connections, and increase exposure across multiple platforms.

What are the 4 P's of marketing in real estate?
While widely known and revered in our industry, mastering these four concepts is frequently the elusive key to success at a property. These four approaches are commonly known as the 4 P's of property management: People, Price, Promotion, and Product.

What does marketing mean in real estate?
What Is Real Estate Marketing? Real Estate Marketing is all about promoting your unique value proposition to the world in order to build a brand, attract clients, and close real estate transactions. While marketing is an essential component of nearly every business, real estate businesses are no exception.

What are some examples of marketing strategies in real estate?
There are many strategies in real estate marketing including creating a website, building a blog, developing an email marketing campaign, employing virtual staging, and trying experiential marketing. Along with those you should also partner with local businesses, run paid Instagram promotions, use drone photography, create a Zillow profile, make your own videos, co-host a webinar, collect and display testimonials, leverage traditional advertising media, optimize your website for mobile, actively leverage social media profiles, maintain an email newsletter, create a standout business card, film video walkthroughs, and most importantly ask for referrals! Invest in branded swag.

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