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Country club management software

Socializing Memberships

EGO Creative Marketing’s proprietary country club management software and private club software are engineered to allow greater socialization between clubs and members. Members can now be connected with other members in friendships, followers, or simple member categories. Make reservations and invite a friend, whether or not they are a member or not, our system will let them know. We put privacy back into the hands of the individual. Our social network will allow you to post stories or images on other walls and tag individuals.

Club Websites

We will help you design your site around your club, with no generic templates. Be different, and show your members who you are by designing a website around your brand. We can then integrate this into any Country Club Management Software you currently have including Jonas, MembersFirst, Golf Genius, ForeTees, and many more.

Reservations & Tee Times

Our Country Club Management Software has the only member reservation system that allows you to fully engage family members, club members, and guests with your reservations. We have technology that will boost your engagement by using a waitlist and text-message confirmation system. Even if you have an event that will spark a lot of interest, we have a lottery system that will select the members based on specific criteria.

Club Marketing Segmentation

Marketing segmentation to help build engagement throughout your club. Our custom email marketing manager will allow you to segment your members.

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Quick Facts


of members consider dining services a top priority


of country clubs have already invested or are in the process of investing in fitness and wellness amenities


more rounds of golf were played in 2021 vs 2020


decrease in no-shows using our software

Frequently Asked Questions

What is country club management software?
Country club management software is the member and employee-facing software that controls everything from reservations and marketing to billing and POS. EGO's country club management software integrates with some of the most highly sought-after software in the industry.

What makes your country club management software different?
Our country club management software has proprietary reservation and marketing segments. Our software was created to give a private club the best outcome to fill every possible space available for events, dining, fitness, racquet, and golf reservations. Not only do we allow reservations, but members can still sign up to be automatically waitlisted, and if there is a cancellation, the place will be automatically filled. You can also set up the event as a lottery where the system can randomly choose members. Lastly, there is a text message confirmation system that allows members to confirm or cancel within a set time before their reservation.

Does your club management software handle tee time reservations?
Yes! We can not only handle clubs with single courses, but clubs with multiple courses, and locations as well. When a member makes a tee time reservation on the front 9 of course 1 we know the exact time, per their handicap, and how long each member should take (up to 4). We can then exactly measure the total time the round should that thus allowing us to get more members through the course on any given day.

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"Whenever I’m onboarding new members of the club, I’m told that the site is super intuitive. Members don’t necessarily need tutorials on the site because it just makes sense to them. The end website is great, easy to follow, and in-line with what other clubs have."

Michelle Emerson

Director of Member Relations & Communications, Birmingham Country Club

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