Branding & Identity

Being one of the top creative branding agencies located at the heart of Detroit, EGO is your one-stop solution to a comprehensive brand strategy and marketing goals.

We empower our clients to leverage the potential online branding opportunities via cleverly articulated brand stories, messaging, and user experience-driven brand design.

Brand research

Brand research is an innovative approach to brand creation, development, ongoing management, and brand strengthening. With years of expertise under their wing, our team of branding specialists goes one step further by answering several complex questions about your brand and its niche.

Furthermore, buyer persona oriented research is aimed at answering the following questions about your potential customers:

  • Who are they?
  • What are their pain points?
  • How do they behave in your niche? – What drives decision-making? What are their preferences?
  • What are they ideally looking for in your niche?
  • What would make them choose your brand over your competitors?
  • What is their impression of your brand?
  • What would make them choose your competitors over you?

Brand strategy

At EGO, we deliver a full spectrum of brand strategy services that define, plan, nurture, measure, and choreograph your complete brand ecosystem, creating an inspired, consistent, and authentic culture—a customer base that is connected, motivated, and passionate. And a brand experience that is unmatched and unforgettable on every level. Our brand strategy campaigns can take you from wherever you are to whatever is possible.

Our brand strategy services include:

  • Brand market positioning
  • Brand story, slogans, and tone
  • Brand portfolio analysis & architecture
  • Brand style guides and naming
  • Customer value proposition (CVP)
  • Employee value proposition (EVP)

Brand Identity

Brand identity at EGO is not just about expressing your strategy, tone, and messaging across all touchpoints. We do everything within our reach to confirm that your brand is articulated in a manner that promises a strong emotional bond and ongoing loyalty with your consumer.

We monitor your customer journey from every angle to facilitate this emotional connection and to showcase the USPs within your brand strategy.  

Brand design

EGO can work with you into the future and help you maintain and raise the minimum standards of brand design and identity. As your go-to brand design agency, we can work with you in small project sprints that would give you complete control over each newly designed piece of abstract.

With EGO, you get to benefit in terms of time and budget for the following brand design projects:

  • Brand identity design
  • Corporate identity design
  • Brochure design
  • Advertising campaign
  • Catalog design

Brand marketing

Our customer-oriented content strategy is conceptualized to make your brand stand out from your competitors. Our experienced marketing specialists are trained to understand and create content that resonates with the customer journey’s various stages.

Our online brand marketing services are crafted to identify and utilize untapped areas within your industry while focusing on your vision, values, and goals to generate exceptional results.

Our digital branding services align with the best practices online and include the following:

  • SEO & content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Digital strategy consulting
  • Video marketing
  • Graphic & print design services

Brand management

We have a peerless and long history of working hand to hand with our clients while ensuring that the brand image is always in line with its mission and goals.

As a creative brand agency always striving to support you achieve your objectives, our team of brand management specialists can work constantly and tirelessly to maintain and uphold your vision in brand design standards. Our team is proactively on the lookout for any opportunities that could add value to your business in potential ways.

Quick Facts


of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support.


of brands see an increase in revenue brand values, image, and messaging is consistent across all channels.


of consumers think transparency is one of the most attractive qualities in a brand.


of consumers buy from brands who share the same values as they do

They're talking about us

"I have collaborated with EGO Creative Media Solutions & Marketing for many years on numerous projects. From website solutions and design to internet marketing & SEO, EGO continues to be my preferred choice for web and media creation. Paul Christy, a principal of EGO has built and managed multiple websites for my company. Paul is incredibly talented, knowledgeable, and responsive. Whenever I have questions or challenges pertaining to my website, Paul is quick to respond with solutions. I trust Paul & EGO innately!"

Paul Mooney

Owner, PRM Custom Builders

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